Do you ever feel as if you have only just scratched the surface of your musical journey? You may know that you are capable of more, but you just aren’t sure how to unlock that aspect of your creative side.

I’m a composer by trade with experience in creating film scores, jingles, and catchy songs, in a wide range of popular, period, and world genres. I also work as a personal backline and musical arranger for independent artists. Before transitioning to composition, I was a full time musician for several years, playing guitar, bass-guitar, piano/keyboards, drums and percussion.

This experience gives me a more comprehensive approach, where you’re not just learning to play an instrument, but you’re developing an in depth understanding of how music works, and how to apply that skill set to a whole range of musical tools.

My approach as a mentor is to give students the freedom to take direction in their individual musical journeys. This has less limitations, keeps things passion fuelled, and it nurtures future musicians who can realistically succeed in a very competitive industry.

My teaching room at Rok Skool, Haywards Heath, UK.

Lessons are catered for the individual in a fun and relaxed environment, and cover:

  • Music Theory (Pythagorean)
  • Multiple Instruments
  • Ear training
  • Body-Mechanics + Natural Rhythm
  • Instant Composition
  • Music Psychology
  • Live Performance
  • Professional Skills
  • “Tricks-of-the-Trade”
  • Recording
  • Programming
  • Producing

I guest lecture at degree level, and beyond!

One-to-One ZOOM Sessions:
£50/One Hour
£30/Thirty Minutes
Four Thirty Minute Sessions for £80.00

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University of Northampton, 2020.


“What Gav showed me was guitar is much more about learning scales and technique, it’s about something much deeper that all starts with rhythm.
We had much discussion about this and the origins of music that really hit home with me. After our few short lessons I have a new enthusiasm for guitar. I would highly recommend Gav for a deeper insight into music!”

– Ron D

“Gav has been teaching my son bass, piano, and drums for a number of months. My son thoroughly enjoys these sessions and really looks forward to them weekly. I have found Gav to always be extremely flexible in adapting lessons at short notice to accommodate my son’s autistic way of doing things. In addition, Gav is happy to discuss a wide range of musical styles and is helping my son to develop his understanding and appreciation of music in general.
I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

– Paula D

“Gav is a brilliant guitarist who understood my skill level and where to progress to. He wasn’t patronising or clock watching or anything like that.
It was a very relaxed atmosphere where it was comfortable to just play and learn.
I would highly recommend Gav as a teacher for anyone!”

– Ruzeen F