I was a full time guitar player preparing for a Japan tour with my experimental prog band, but due to a sudden turn of events, I had to re-think things while I swapped gigs for operations.

While bedridden, I invested everything I had left into a home studio set up, and put all of my energy into music composition. From there, I worked on several small projects before being asked if I could handle a feature length film score. Having never attempted one before, I signed the contract and worked relentlessly, loving every moment.

The film was released globally and premiered at a popular UK horror festival, where I, a massive introvert, spent the weekend introducing myself and physically handing the film to industry people.

I love writing for a range of styles. The main so far consisting of dark-fantasy/horror, dark-comedy, baroque, seasonal, heavenly, tango, waltz, carnival, and all sorts of bizarrities. I love new challenges. I also run a service called Aisletunes, creating baroque-classical arrangements of requested songs for weddings.

I understand music as a mathematical system, I enjoy music psychology, and I believe greatly in building effective music by working with the way the brain processes polyrhythmic patterns. I didn’t go to university, but my musical opportunities combined with gaining the correct mentors along the way has been my gratified equivalent.

These days, I work from my private recording studio, which allows me to work/enjoy every hour available. Please take a free download of my evolving demo.

Got something fun to work on? Drop me a message!