Need music? Let me write it for you!

I am a composer and musical arranger from Mid-Sussex, England. I enjoy and take pride in my work, and get a great sense of satisfaction from making a motion picture scene come together, whilst maintaining mood interpretation and extreme attention to detail. I understand both music psychology and music as a mathematical system, which is essential for the effective music you need.

Previous work has consisted of audio logos, advertisements, educational videos, theme and end credits sequences, wrestler entrance music, a live stage show with a West End contract, and a feature length film score which was put forward for a BAFTA nomination in the “Best Original Music” category. I also take pleasure in creating baroque-classical arrangements of requested songs for weddings.

I work from my private and fully equipped recording studio, which allows me to work every hour available to get you exactly what you need for your project. You can also benefit from a private roster of world-class session singers and musicians, voice-over artists, orchestras, conductors, music supervisors, and producers.

Want to discuss an idea? Drop me a message!


– Gav Cantrell