“Gav Cantrell’s film and television music composition is incredibly good.
His composition of scores are perfect when following the suggestions of the film producer or director, and if he isn’t given serious details, then his creative composition is even better.

I am also impressed by his quality when creating music as a musician on quite a few instruments and recording them in his private studio. He really is a great person to work with, and I can wholeheartedly recommend him to you.”

– Graham Walker – Music Producer/Music Supervisor
Worked with Gav Cantrell on Coulrophobia (2018)
(Other Credits Include: Sleepy Hollow, Black Beauty, The Talented Mr Ripley, Planet 51)
Graham on IMDB

“Gav wrote the musical score for my fourth feature movie Coulrophobia. It’s exactly what we asked for I would not hesitate to recommend Gav for any kind of musical project. I mean this whole heartedly, he is genuinely world class!”

– Warren Speed – Director/Actor
Worked with Gav Cantrell on Coulrophobia (2018)
(Other Credits Include: Clown Panic!, Zombie Women of Satan 1&2)
Warren on IMDB

“Gav created a beautiful custom soundtrack for my ‘Great Wall of China’ animation. He listened to my requests and produced the work extremely quickly and to an excellent quality. Would definitely recommend him and hope to work with him again in the future.”

– Steff Lee – Director of Steff Lee Studios
Worked with Gav Cantrell on multiple productions

“Gav Cantrell is a wonderful and original talent, both as a hot composer and awesome musician. Count me as a major fan!”

– Richard Elfman – Film Director
(Credits Include: Modern Vampires, Forbidden Zone, 28 Days Later)
Richard on IMDB